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Your holidays in coutryside start here

Choose from more than 500 farms, workshops and other interesting places where you can spend a weekend or stay longer. Find comfortable accommodation, choose an activity and, more than anything else, enjoy your holidays in the countryside!

Mohlo by vás zajímat

Boots and saddles!

Are you a person who likes horses?

Then join us and visit places in the countryside that keep these beautiful and noble animals. You can experience a lot of things with horses. A brief summary of them and some suggestions are provided below.

Do not miss:
A list of all the places that offer horses and horseback riding
A list of all the places that offer accommodation and equine tourism
  • A vacation in the saddle
    You are familiar with it from movies – a rider in a picturesque landscape pitches camp in the evening and continues his journey in the morning.
  • Lifelong learning
    We all went to school and we vividly remember how different each teacher was.
  • Children and horses go together
    You may object that horses are large animals and might hurt adults, let alone children.
  • The beauty of horses
    A horse is a truly beautiful animal and there are several different breeds and various kinds of training.
  • Guided horseback rides
    The world looks its best from … you have certainly heard this phrase, so you probably know how it ends … a horseback.
  • Events with horses
    Many ranches, riding schools, riding clubs and farms offer interesting events all year round.
The project is financed by the EU ́s Integrated Operational Programme - National Support for Tourism. The objective is to create a tourism product that will help entrepreneurs in rural areas and people who spend their holidays in the countryside.
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