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Your holidays in coutryside start here

Choose from more than 500 farms, workshops and other interesting places where you can spend a weekend or stay longer. Find comfortable accommodation, choose an activity and, more than anything else, enjoy your holidays in the countryside!

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Join us!

Tell us about your experiences from the Czech countryside. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Stáhněte si informace a podívejte se, jak prázdniny na venkově fungují., 540x303, 31.05 KBStáhněte si informace a podívejte se, jak prázdniny na venkově fungují.

Informace pro zapojené subjekty

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The project is financed by the EU ́s Integrated Operational Programme - National Support for Tourism. The objective is to create a tourism product that will help entrepreneurs in rural areas and people who spend their holidays in the countryside.
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