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Let’s look at the Czech capital from a slightly different perspective than is provided by traditional guide books.

Prague is rich in historic buildings, dozens of towers and places that have witnessed history and nature. Before we leave the busy center, let’s visit a place that is located somewhat apart that boasts a beautiful park with ancient tress and a lot of legends. We find ourselves at Vyšehrad. According to one of the legends known by every Czech, yeoman Horymír jumped on his faithful horse Šemík from here and galloped away to escape the death penalty. After you have taken in the magnificent views from Vyšehrad’s walls, walk around Slavíncemetery that serves as both the final resting place for the Czech’s most honored people and a statue gallery. If you are lucky, you might hear the chimes of the Capitular Church of St. Peter and Paul. But now let’s descend Vyšehrad hill to explore some of Prague’s forests. Only a ten-minute tram ride from the city center will let you forget you are in one of the smallest European capitals. Nevertheless, history is omnipresent in natural locations such as the Divoká Šárka reserve, the former royal game reserve Hvězda (Star) with the Hvězda Summer Palace in Břevnov, and the nearby venue of the battle of Bílá hora (White Mountain), a crucial battle in Bohemian history. Let’s explore the opposite end of the city, Vysočany. Although we find ourselves close to the former Czech-Moravian Kolben Daněk machinery plant, this part of Prague offers an oasis of peace. Podviní Park is just perfect for a peaceful family afternoon. Children can have fun on the jungle gym, in the rope center or the bobsled track, while their fathers can watch from a summer garden restaurant and mothers can find a quiet place to relax or practice yoga. The park also holds many cultural events and music festivals. Prague has many nature trails and you can even see animals such as mouflons. Try Kunratice Forest, where you will find the remains of Nový hrad Castle that was built by King Wenceslas IV. Do you still think that Prague is a busy and loud city? Then accept our invitation to take a somewhat different tour of the Czech capital, often referred to as the Mother of Cities or the City of 100 Spires.


The project is financed by the EU ́s Integrated Operational Programme - National Support for Tourism. The objective is to create a tourism product that will help entrepreneurs in rural areas and people who spend their holidays in the countryside.
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