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Krkonoše and Pokrkonoší

The Krkonoše Mountains are associated with many Czech superlatives.

They are the highest, the most visited and also one of the coldest places in the Czech Republic. In 1963, they were proclaimed the first Czech national park and together with the Polish portion of the same area, they form a UNESCO Biosphere Reservation. In addition to their natural beauties, the mountains offer many ski resorts with high-quality ski facilities, well-maintained cross-country ski trails and, naturally, ideal snow conditions that last from late November to the end of April. When in Krkonoše, you definitely have to climb the highest peak, Sněžka, and send a postcard to your friends or family from a Czech post office branch located at the highest elevation. You should not also miss the Labe River spring and three waterfalls that the Krkonoše Mountains boast, namely Pančavský and Labský on the hillside of the Labský důl Valley, and the Mumlavský waterfall near the town of Harrachov. And of course, when in Krkonoše, you should always be on the lookout for Krakonoš (or Rübezahl), the localgiant and mountain spirit. You may not meet him in person, but he is omnipresent. He can be seen in the town of Jilemnice, where they have been building his snow statue in the square for one hundred years. When you are done enjoying the panorama and different views from the mountain ranges, for instance, from the Masaryk Tower of Independence, head to the foothills where you can find Pecka Castle, a Gothic castle rebuilt into a renaissance chateau, once owned by Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice, and the Miletín Chateau housing the Museum of Czech Amateur Theater. If you enjoy the beauty of stones, visit the Hořice Sculpture Gallery where you can admire the skills of local sculptors and stonemasons and the beautiful stones that have provided both support and fame to this picturesque region. Another place you should not miss is Kuks, a compound including several Baroque buildings with a former hospital of the Merciful Brethren and the Church of the Holy Trinity above the Labe River. Just like in all Czech border mountains, there is a fortification system in Krkonoše. You can visit Stachelberg Fortress, which supposed to be the largest fortification complex of the former Czechoslovak border fortification line. However, only one of the twelve buildings that were planned was completed. Today, it houses a military history museum.

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