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South Moravia

Sun-drenched, abundant with wine, hospitable, traditional and rural; this is how we perceive South Moravia. However, we must not forget its towns; after all, the heart of Moravia, Brno, is the second largest city in the country.
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For people who love sightseeing, South Moravia is the promised land. It is here where people can admire two unique sites that are included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage – Lednice-Valtice and Villa Tugendhat. The list of sites worth a visit is much longer and includes the castle in Milotice, Znojmo’s underground corridors and the old smelter in the Josefovské údolí Valley. The monastery in Rajhrad and the Slavic fortified settlement in Břeclav – Pohansko are also sites worth seeing. Wine lovers can walk the wine trails and visit Valtice Wine Salon in the Czech Republic, Šobes vineyard in the heart of Podyjí National Park and the protected historical wine cellars in Petrov called Plže. The Mecca of traditional culture – Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia) – invites you to Strážnice, Horňácko, Dolňácko and Podluží. It does not matter if you do not know exactly where the regional boundaries are, they are all worth discovering. There is always something to see or do in South Moravia for adults and children alike. Children can enjoy a western-style town near Boskovice, a prehistoric park in Chvalovice or a boat ride on the Baťa Canal. There is a pedal- powered trolley near Ratíškovice, and one can experience the mysterious Permonium Entertainment Park in Oslavany. This area has many water parks as well.

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On vacation in the Garden of Europe – Pálava and the Lednice-Valtice area

The south-eastern part of Moravia is sometimes called the Garden of Europe.

It might just be because it has the two most dominant features of South Moravia – the Pálava limestone hills and the park-like landscape of the Lednice-Valtice area. In addition to the beauty of Mikulov, Lednice and Valtice, you will undoubtedly enjoy other less-known places such as the Slavic fortification in Břeclav –Pohansko, one of the centers of the Great Moravian Empire, and Dolní Věstonice, famous for the discovery of the prehistoric statuette called Venus of Dolní Věstonice. For wines, you can head to the cellars of Valtice Castle, where the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is located. Or you can explore one of the many small wine cellars scattered throughout the area. A very popular way to see the Garden of Europe is by cycling. One could also have a wonderful vacation by the "Moravian Sea", as the Nové Mlýny reservoirs are called. There are many options when it's cold outside; one is to go to one of the most modern aqua parks in Pasohlávky.

Brno and its surroundings

The undisputed center of the entire area is Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the capital of South Moravia.

Brno is considered a city of fairs; it has a long-standing influential heritage and culture. In addition to its numerous landmarks, such as Špilberk Castle, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the Old City Hall, it is also famous for its modern architecture such as the Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO Heritage site. One can find some remarkable places around Brno. One of them is the battlefield of Slavkov and the Slavkov Chateau, which has a large park and a golf course. A different experience awaits you in Těšany, where you can explore an historic blacksmith’s workshop, a wheelwright's workshop and a blacksmith’s dwelling. You can admire the work of the genius architect Santini or the unique historical library in one of the oldest monasteries in Moravia. Expect something entirely different in Oslavany – an adventure amusement park with the largest overhead maze in the Czech Republic, volcanoes, primeval forest and a number of mining sites.

South Moravian Slovakia

If you associate South Moravia with live folk culture, singing, dancing and whitewashed houses with painted ornaments, then you should head to the southern part of Moravian Slovakia.

After you have visited the open air museum in Strážnice, the windmill in Kuželov, and the Ride of the Kings, you may need a change. This could mean a visit to a Slavic-fortified settlement in Mikulčice, a fairy-tale castle in Milotice or a romantic cruise along the Baťa Canal to the wine cellars in Petrov. Nature lovers should definitely not miss the nature reserve of the meandering river in Strážnice or a trip to the White Carpathians. If you like technology, the museum of mining and petroleum geology in Hodonín is a place to visit. A pedal-powered trolley ride on the Bata train transporting coal from mines to Ratíškovice, where it was loaded onto the boats, might pleasantly surprise you.

The Znojmo area and Podyjí

For wine tours, castle tours and a dinosaur park, visit the Znojmo area.

The royal city of Znojmo offers the Přemyslid Rotunda, a number of churches, a vast underground labyrinth and a monastery with wine cellars and a modern swimming pool. The National Park, which stretches all the way to the border of the city, is perfect for walking or riding on the marked trails for pedestrians, cyclists and horseback riders. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery that includes a canyon, moors, vineyards and the romantic ruins of the place called ‘New Castle.’ In Vranov, high above the river, is the majestic looking Vranov castle and the local reservoir, which is a popular place for summer recreation. South of Znojmo, you can visit the town of Šatov, surrounded by vineyards and view a unique painted wine cellar and parts of the Czechoslovak fortification. In nearby Chvalovice at the Dinosaur Park, you can travel back in time to the when the giant dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Moravian Karst

To the north of Brno is an area famous for its extraordinary nature and limestone caves – the Moravian Karst.

This is where you will find the Macocha abyss with the Punkva underground river and four popular stalagmite caves. The remarkable artificial cave in Rudka near Kunštát is also worth a visit. It is rumored that the mythical Blaník Knights are sleeping there. You can find other mythical creatures and ghosts when you go underground into the former icehouse in Olešnice. You can also visit the local family’s blueprint workshop. If you love nature and technical monuments, you can indulge in the picturesque Josefovské údolí Valley near Adamov. The old ironworks furnaces are located there. If you would like to visit the city, we recommend Boskovice. There, you will find museums, an aqua park and a Western-style town.

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