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South Bohemia

The omnipresent five-petal rose symbol, water, ponds, peat bogs, pine forests, famous towns and majestic castles, the Golden Trail and the Golden Canal, rural Baroque and the Temelín nuclear power plant – all of that is South Bohemia.

A very interesting way to explore this part of the Czech Republic is traveling by water. You can choose from among three rivers in the region. The meandering Vltava offers beautiful nature from the very beginning of its navigable portion in Lenora. It will take you to Vyšší Brod with its Cistercian monastery and the precious landscape formation of The Devil’s Wall. Next, you will gaze upon Rožmberk castle looming on a buttress above the river, the fairy tale town of Český Krumlov, the medieval monastery in Zlatá Koruna, the south Bohemian capital České Budějovice and Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau. The Lužnice River will take you to the Hussite town of Tábor. Along the way, you can admire the chain bridge in Stádlec and the town of Bechyně. Once you get to where the river splits, you will have to decide which route to take. If you choose the Stará řeka River, you will have to row across Rožmberk, the largest Czech pond, to get to Třeboň, but you will be rewarded by its beautiful natural surroundings. The Nová řeka River, built more than 400 years ago by fish farmer Jakub Krčín, will take you to Veselí nad Lužnicí. The gold bearing Otava River will take you to the towns of Sušice, Strakonice, Sudoměř with a monumental memorial to commander Jan Žižka and Písek with the oldest preserved bridge in the Czech Republic. Your voyage will end at the Zvíkov water castle. If you disembark here, you will be able to enjoy many interesting places, curiosities and gastronomic specialties. After all, South Bohemia is blue from its vast amount of blueberries and numerous ponds. It is a region rife with fish and beer, rich in Hussite history and famous for The Good Soldier Švejk, novel known to all Czech people.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov

The Vltava meanders along to Krumlov, which was built in the 13th century and named after the river.
Selské baroko v Holašovicích

Rural Baroque in Holašovice

South Bohemia is inherently associated with an architectural phenomenon that is unique to this part of Europe.
Plkno a Hluboká

The Legend of Hluboká

Not many people would guess that a romantic chateau like Hluboká nad Vltavou used to be a watch castle.
Červená Lhota – krev nebo originalita?

Červená Lhota – blood or an original idea?

Although there was a fortress in Lhota near Deštná as early as the mid-15th century, it was not referred to as Červená (red) until the early 17th century.
Písek na Zlaté stezce

Písek on the Golden Trail

The town of Písek was founded not only because of gold panning, but also to protect the Golden Trail.
Z Nevděku Svět

Fish Farming

Rather than a forethoughtful fish farmer, Jakub Krčín is today viewed as a brave innovator.

A Hussite Camp

Lead by Jan Žižka, the remaining inhabitants of Sezimovo Ústí arrived in a placed called Hradiště and started a town there in 1420.
Popletený patnáctý poledník v Jindřichově Hradci a první pivovarské posvícení

The confusion around the 15th meridian in Jindřichův Hradec

One of the most picturesque towns in South Bohemia is Jindřichův Hradec.
České Budějovice – město piva

České Budějovice – the city of beer

České Budějovice – this is the destination of soldier Švejk’s journey and many a beer lover’s desire.
Medový Krušlov

The honey village of Krušlov

Beekeeper and woodcarver Josef Mach created a remarkable place in the small village of Krušlov in the Strakonice region.
Strakonice a natahování moldánků


Strakonice is famous because of bagpipes.
Zlatá Koruna

Zlatá Koruna

This major Cistercian monastery was founded by King Ottokar II of Bohemia as he promised before the important battle of Kressenbrunn in 1260.

Through the Tree Tops in Lipno

To climb up the highest tree and see the world from a bird’s eye view might by every child’s dream and every parent’s nightmare.
Vorařské muzeum Purkarec

Raftsmen Museum in Purkarec

If you want to experience the forgotten glory of raftsmen, visit the Raftsmen Museum in Purkarec where you can admire, and perhaps be jealous of, the skills and strength that were needed to navigate the 300-meter-long rafts on water.


If your travels in South Bohemia ever bring you close to Hrdějovice, you will be able to admire rural Baroque folk architecture and remarkable glassworks.

Slavonice – a trip for men

You wife left with her friends for the weekend. It is a beautiful Saturday morning and your son has just killed what was left of the enemy’s troops in a computer game.

Grasel’s Trails

The son of a beggar, he would take from both the rich and the poor and his name became synonymous with wrongdoers in the Czech language (grázl).

The handy people of South Bohemia

South Bohemia is full of skilled people who will prepare carp from Třeboň and pastry from Štěkeň for you.
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