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Český ráj

Staying in the beautiful and unforgettable locations in Bohemian Paradise is very pleasant and interesting.

The name Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) comes from the 19th century and was allegedly invented by the Czech poet Jan Neruda, who enjoyed visiting the Sedmihorky spa in the Turnov area. Three parts of the region were proclaimed a protected landscape area in 1955, making it the oldest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic. Bohemian Paradise lies approximately 50 km north-east of Prague and its border runs along the connecting line between the towns of Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště, Hodkovice nad Mohelkou, Kopanina Hill, Železný Brod, Semily, Nová Paka, Jičín, Kopidlno, Sobotka and Dolní Bousov. Why should you come here? If you like rocks and admiring panoramic views from their tops and taking peaceful walks on forest paths, then you will certainly enjoy the rock formations of Prachovské skály, Malá Skála and Hrubá Skála. If you prefer history and related architectonic monuments, be sure not to miss the town of Jičín associated with Wallenstein, a visionary benefactor whose influence is visible in every step. The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise (Zlatá stezka Českého ráje), a red tourist trail, features several remarkable sites: the Gothic Valdštejn Castle in the heart of the Hruboskalské vrchy Hills is definitely worth seeing; so is the Hrubá Skála Chateaux, a destination popular among engaged couples. If you decide to continue on, the Golden Path will take you to the Trosky castle ruins, a prominent feature of the Czech Republic. Bohemian Paradise is also famous thanks to its regional products, such as the non-pasteurized and unfiltered beers from Svijany or local jewelry-makers.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through facilities that offer accommodation and other services in the region.

A detailed description of tourist destinations is available at our partner portal “Tips for Trips” or at the region’s official tourist website.

The project is financed by the EU ́s Integrated Operational Programme - National Support for Tourism. The objective is to create a tourism product that will help entrepreneurs in rural areas and people who spend their holidays in the countryside.
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