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The Česká Lípa Area and Jizerské hory

We are putting together tips and suggestions for interesting places to go see in the Česká Lípa area and the Jizerské hory Mountains that will soon be available. Thank you for your patience.

The Jizerské and Lužické hory Mountains, the Frýdlantský výběžek promontory, the Ještědský hřbet range and Máchův kraj (Mácha’s Region) – just this simple list of these smaller areas makes it clear that tourist attractions are very abundant here. The most famous ones include chateaux and castles, such as Bezděz, Frýdlant, Zákupy and Houska Castle with its mysterious gate to hell. Sports lovers should not miss the Jizerská magistrála arterial trail and Máchovo jezero Lake. Glass-makers, weavers, cloth weavers and woodcutters – all of them have shaped the craftsman tradition of the region for centuries. Their skills are documented in places like the Glass-Making Museum in Nový Bor. A unique engineering monument is a rack railway, popularly referred to as Zubačka, the only one of its kind in Europe, located in the mountain terrain between Tanvald, Kořenov and Harrachov. The diverse nature with forested mountain ranges and indispensable castles and chateaux make the North of Bohemia a sought-after holiday location. The capital of the region is Liberec with the Ještěd Mountains looming over it. On top of Ještěd, you can see not only the architectonically valued and frequented Ještěd lookout tower, but also a very modern ski resort with ski jumps. A popular recreation area is the surroundings of Máchovo jezero Lake, while adrenaline sports lovers will find numerous rocks in the area. The Českolipsko and Jizerské hory Mountains tourist region also offer a spa and wellness hotel with a selection of high-quality services. Relax your tired muscles in the Lázně Libverda spa town. Other good options are Nový Bor and Česká Lípa. If you want to have fun and learn something new while traveling through the region, be sure not to miss the Babylon amusement park with the IQpark Science Centre including hundreds of interactive exhibits, a mirror maze, and an aqua park stylized after an ancient Roman spa. Exotic flora and fauna can be seen in the Liberec Botanical and Zoological Garden. In the meantime, feel free to browse through facilities that offer accommodation and other services in the region.

A detailed overview of tourist destinations is available at our partner portal “Tips for Trips”.



Českolipsko is a region of many faces, including Máchův kraj (Mácha’s Region) and the Lužické hory Mountains with the Ještědský hřbet Range. The region is well known for the Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha and invites you to come see Máchovo jezero Lake. This interesting area full of rocky canyons and forest paths west of Staré Splavy boasts the unique preserved compound of the Bezděz royal castle, which has become the symbol of Máchův kraj (Mácha’s Region). You can also explore the remains and ruins of other watch castles. The Ploučnice River is ideal for canoeing. It passes through tall sandstone walls leading to mysterious tunnels, remains of bastions, beaches, a water sports center with excursion boats, a slide and bungee jumping. The area around Nový Bor is a paradise for anyone who admires glass and rock castles. Podralsko offers well-maintained cycling trails in the territory of the former Ralsko military zone. You can also hike to Čertova zeď (Devil’s Wall) where treasure was discovered in 1912. The region below Ještěd is associated with the life of Saint Zdislava of Lemberk. Take a cycling trip in the Kokořín area to see the old log houses and Peklo (Hell), especially in spring when thousands of protected spring snowflakes bloom there. An indispensable part of Českolipsko is the Hrádecko – Chrastavsko border area where you should not miss, among other things, the 202-meter long railway viaduct, numerous half-timbered structures and a local astronomical clock. Be sure to visit Grabštejn Castle in the heart of Trojzemí (Three-lands – the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland). The tour of the castle culminates with the richly decorated and absolutely unique late Renaissance Chapel of St Barbara.


The Jizerské hory Mountains

The massive Ještědský hřbet range rises directly above the city of Liberec. In the south are the rock pillars of Bohemian Paradise and the first peaks of the Krkonoše Mountains in the east. A large portion of the area is occupied by the Jizerské hory Mountains with many stone and iron lookout towers, peat bogs and mountain meadows. You will be charmed by numerous waterfalls, such as Malý and Velký Štolpich. Skis have always played an important role in the region known for the Jizerská 50 Race. The Jizerská magistrála arterial trail is a real paradise both for cross-country skiers and for hikers. It is one of the most popular ski trails in the Czech Republic. The most beautiful trails can be found near Kristiánov, Bedřichov, Nová Louka and Jizerka. There many other interesting places worth visiting in the area. One of them is the Frýdlant Castle and Chateau, owned by Albrecht von Wallenstein between 1622 and 1634, which in 1801 became the first castle and chateau museum in Central Europe. This picturesque and labyrinthine noble residence allegedly inspired Franz Kafka. Another remarkable place is Hejnice, a submontane town with a Baroque pilgrimage compound dominated by the Church of the Visitation of Virgin Mary. Underground lovers should not miss the only accessible cave in northern Bohemia, the Bozkovské Dolomite Caves. The region’s dominant feature is Ještěd, on top of which you can visit the renowned mountain hotel with the Ještěd TV tower. Modern-day attractions include the Labyrint inside the Centrum Babylon, an amusement park. With large mirrors placed in a 200-meter long collection of hallways it is the largest mirror maze in Europe.

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