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East Bohemia

East Bohemia is traditionally associated with the city of Pardubice, gingerbread, horse races and, for those who love mountains, Králický Sněžník Mountain.

However, that is not by all means everything you can see and admire in this very interesting corner of the Czech Republic. East Bohemia will also show you a great deal of Czech history. Let us start on the Celtic Trail at the Železné hory Mountains and follow the traces of these ancient people in the Nasavrky Chateau exposition, where you can learn about their culture, crafts, everyday life and spirituality. A large-scale model of an oppidum will help you to understand how the Celts lived two thousand years ago. But let’s go even back further in history just like Forefather Czech, who made his way through the sun-kissed and honey-smelling meadows of the Polabí lowland towards Říp Hill where the ancient Czechs settled. It is hard to say who built the sandstone dwelling in Zderaz. In any case, the presence of the Celts has been proven by numerous archeological findings and people lived in these sandstone “homes” as late as the mid-19th century. The system of Zderaz sandstone basements is certainly a Czech rarity and is worth visiting. Our ancestors’ housing can be also admired on Veselý kopec Hill. A large open-air museum is set to a beautiful landscape. If you come during the main season when all kinds of folk festivities are being held, it is a true trip down History Lane with a peaceful, quiet and unique atmosphere. But let’s leave the peace and quiet of hundred years ago. Who knows, maybe flour was being ground in the former mill just as the first race took place at the Pardubice Racecourse in 1874. In addition to horses, Pardubice is also famous for its gingerbread; you can even find a real Gingerbread House near the city. Children need not worry. You will treat all your senses in this museum and if you so wish, you can see how Hansel and Gretel felt when they got lost in a scary fairy-tale forest. East Bohemia is also rich in culture and it would be a shame to miss Bedřich Smetana’s hometown, the beautiful town of Litomyšl. Another interesting place is the dowry town of Bohemian queens, Polička, Nové Hrady Chateau and the well-hidden Jára Cimrman Lookout Tower. East Bohemia is definitely a very interesting region. So shut your computer down, go get your children and some snacks and set off!

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