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Central Moravia and Jeseníky

Why should you come here of all places?

What is so unique about this region that stretches across the fertile flat land of Haná and the Jeseníky Mountains with their clean air and water? Although it may come as a surprise to many, the region boasts excellent beers, perhaps some of the best in the Czech Republic. The breweries in Přerov, Litovel and Hanušovice have recently won the most awards among all Czech breweries at both domestic and international competitions. This is without a doubt in large part to the barley grown in the Haná region, which falls under the protection of the legendary King Ječmínek (Barley), who was allegedly born in a barley field. Beer goes hand-in-hand with another unique product from Central Moravia – olomoucké tvarůžky, a ripened soft cheese named after the city of Olomouc. This cheese has the lowest fat content and a distinctive taste and can be prepared and enjoyed in many different ways. It is as distinctive as the Haná regional dialect and the local traditional clothing you will not find anywhere else. This is also true of the handmade paper that has been made by the paper mill in Velké Losiny for over four hundred years. Perhaps it was this paper that was used to bear witch trial verdicts that were once abundant in this part of today’s Czech Republic. However, the Jeseníky Mountains have primarily been a source of inspiration. The first water-cure treatment spa in Europe was started by Vincenc Priessnitz in nearby Gräfenberg, today’s Lázně Jeseník. The town of Dlouhé Stráně witnessed the birth of one of modern technology’s wonders – the third largest pumped-storage power plant in the world. And the Jeseníky foothills are the cradle of eco-farming in the Czech Republic. It was there that the first eco-farms appeared more than twenty years ago.

It is simply a remarkable place of new beginnings and a region of distinctive taste that is definitely worth getting to know better.
The project is financed by the EU ́s Integrated Operational Programme - National Support for Tourism. The objective is to create a tourism product that will help entrepreneurs in rural areas and people who spend their holidays in the countryside.
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