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Central Bohemia

The heart of Central Bohemia throbs with arteries of rivers: the romantic Sázava, the peaceful Berounka, the glorious Vltava, the mighty Labe, the Litavka and the Jizera.

They run through a landscape that witnessed the history of today’s Czech Republic being written. The Central Bohemia region is full of historical gems, such as majestic Karlštejn Castle that has housed the precious coronation jewels for centuries, the silver treasury of Czech lands – the city of Kutná Hora with the mysterious ossuary in Sedlec, the most significant and the oldest place in the Czech Republic – Svatá Hora near Příbram and Křivoklát Castle that in the past was inhabited by prominent Czech sovereign families. We should not forget about other major castles such as Kokořín, Krakovec, Český Šternberk, Žebrák and Točník. Central Bohemia is also home to the legendary St. Wenceslas knights who are said to dwell inside Velký Blaník Hill, waiting to come to our aid when the worst misery strikes the country. The cradle of Slavic culture, Sázava Monastery, is also located in Central Bohemia. All of these important structures, major historic events and the ancient wisdom emanating from here are all set in a beautiful landscape. The rivers meander through deep valleys amid forests, creating many irreproducible types of scenery. Underneath Central Bohemia lies the beauty of Koněpruské Caves. Many of these romantic locations are used by filmmakers, such as the former quarries called “America” near the city of Beroun. You can learn about how treasures used to be mined in the Příbram Mining Museum or in the Solvay’s Quarries open-air museum. Central Bohemia also witnessed a crucial battle of the Hussite Wars, the battle of Lipany. Stop to listen to the imaginary heartbeat of Central Bohemia and feel the pulse of Czech history.

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