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Northwest Bohemia

“This is it! The promised land that flows with milk and honey!"

According to legend, these were the words Forefather Čech uttered when he settled in today’s Bohemia. Based on archeological research, the area around Říp Hill was not populated until three centuries later when the tribe of Čechs arrived. Let’s take a look around this region that impressed the mythical forefather so much.

Forefather Čech could see the Krušné hory Mountains and their foothills from Říp Hill. Even without being able to see all the way to Lužická vrchovina and the České středohoří highlands, he could sense the country was rich and its nature remarkable.
Visitors to this region will be enchanted by the unique relief of České středohoří, the Labe River valley, Porta Bohemica and, naturally, the memorable Říp Hill. Any lover of rock formations and the Chronicles of Narnia will be exultant over České Švýcarsko and Tiské stěny; if you prefer mountains, be sure to visit the Krušné and Lužické hory Mountains. The region has abundant healing springs that gave rise to spa towns such as Teplice, Bílina, Dubí and Mšené. The towns of North-West Bohemia also feature many historic sites. Among the most important of them certainly include Litoměřice, Kadaň, Žatec and Terezín and the chateaux of Duchcov, Libochovice, Klášterec nad Ohří, Velké Březno and Děčín. You can also find many castles in the hilly countryside, such as Hasištejn, a memento of the worst human quality, envy, and Hazmburk.
The area around Panská skála rock near Kamenický Šenov was a setting for a famous Czech fairy tale that is regularly shown at Christmas time. Czech garnets are found in brooks around Třebívlice.

This region is full of majestic mountains and lower, but nonetheless interesting hills, such as the place with the harshest climate in Bohemia, Milešovka, and the smoking hill of Boreč

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